A Quick Roundup

Because I procrastinate and then feel guilty about it and so I procratinate some more, just a few comments on a few of the things I’ve seen lately.

FOREVER FEMALE is what ALL ABOUT EVE would have been if someone besides Joseph Mankiewicz wrote and directed it–it’s entertaining, but everything is in place, every lesson underlined, and everything happens according to normal pacing (as opposed to EVE, which is a gloriously unconventional mess–the main character isn’t even involved in the climax).  William Holden is fine as Ginger Rogers’ younger man, but it has none of the bite of Bette Davis’ angst.  Worth watching if you’re intersted in a comparison to the better film.

NIGHT OF THE COMET doesn’t hold up very well at all, and the low budget shows.  A good idea, appealing actresses, but I fast-forwarded after awhile.

RIDE THE PINK HORSE I’ll be writing about at length.  A terrific, unusual film noir that takes place in a Mexican town as opposed to the big city.

PONTYPOOL starts out well then just falls under the weight of its pretensions.  If you’re going to try to make an intellectual horror movie using William S. Burroughs-like ideas about ‘viruses’ you’d better go all the way.  By the end it was just too Canadian for me.

IT FOLLOWS is what might have happened if Stanley Kubrick were hired to direct a HALLOWEEN sequel.  After awhile I was appreciating it more than I was enjoying it, and the ending’s a bit of a copout.  Worth seeing for being different.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the color remake.  More later, but this deserves a much bigger audience.

SX TAPE made me want to hurt the moviemakers.  It had potential, but ends up being what critics of found-footage horror say all such movies are: Ninety minutes of walking around hallways in empty buildings.

DEAD SNOW sucked.  An attempt at a comedy-horror movie.  Moment when I started fast-forwarding: Nazi zombies gruesomely kill guy’s friend; a few second’s of silence; Dead Guy’s Friend: “I told you we should have gone to the beach.”

INK is a low-budget child’s fantasy that looks like a low-budget Terry Gilliam film.  More later, but it was pretty good.

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 was an attempt at a horror-comedy-love story.  It has a good last 20 minutes, but spent way too much time getting there.

FINAL PRAYER is a found-footage horror about an investigation of a haunted church.  I loved the way the characters were delineated, and while it takes too much time with nothing much happening, I’m forced to admit that the resolution was both original and horrific.  If you like this sort of thing, you might like this.

EXISTS is from one of the co-directors of the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.  This time a group of friends go out in the woods and deal with Bigfoot.  This comes close but ultimately is undone by the ridiculous use of cameras (a guy films his buddy getting killed rather than, you know, HELPING him; someone going for help straps two cameras on–why?) and the freaking stupid choices by the characters.  And the ending was a groaner.

SINISTER was a surprise.  It started out as a SESSION 9 ripoff, but did what all movies that are ‘inluenced’ should do, which is take an element from something else but go in a completely different direction.  It was diverting, until the ending, when you realize the trap the characters are in.  Surprisingly effective.  Christopher Young’s score is much more experimental than the ones he’s usually allowed to write, and is more like his non-score music.  One of the finest horror scores in years.

THE OUTPOST was a re-re-watch.  I really like this.

Will be on a more regular posting schedule soon, when writing chores and work don’t interfere, or I get more organized.