FYI: Horror, Crime, Horror, Crime

I’m rushing to get things in order around here and elsewhere, such as my Amazon page…

…and my YouTube channel (coming January 1). I’ve been bugged by my attempts to figure out an orderly way of mixing up the dark and weird subjects, the horror and noir, the crime books and SF/fantastic/weird stuff.

I did what you imagine I’d do when confronted with such a mess: I gave up.

Starting today I’m simply going to alternate horror commentaries with noir/hardboiled with “weird/fantastic/unclassified” stuff. I’m sure folks who land here will prefer one over the other, but I gotta be me.

Horror, crime, books, flicks, fantastic/weird…

About the only unifying constant will be ‘dark and weird,’ so no comedies, no westerns.

Keep me posted as to any writers, movies and/or stuff you find that isn’t getting enough attention. We need to bring more attention to those gems that are lost amid the noise. Stay tuned.