“What’s an underrated movie I should watch?”


“Besides FEAR AND LOATHING and DEAD MAN, don’t you like any Johnny Depp movies?”

Though it has some major flaws that keep it from greatness.

“What’s one of the great directorial debuts in American film history?”

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“Any good post-apocalyptic movies that don’t get enough attention?”


Albert and Allen Hughes have not been as prolific as some directors and movie making teams, but each of their movies together have been original and entertaining. They don’t get nearly the amount of attention they deserve.

I re-watched FROM HELL the other night because when I last saw it, over a decade ago, I thought I didn’t like it, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I think the casting of the villain is poor, Heather Graham is a Hollywood idea of a whote and Johnny Depp does nothing for me. But the art direction, cinematography and direction make Whitechapel come alive on-screen as it never did before for me. The movie is more about the victims than most other treatments of the Ripper story, and the casting of Graham’s friends is impeccable.

BOOK OF ELI has a central gimmick that’s hokey but genuinely surprising. The depiction of a post-apocalyptic world is seamlessly done–this place LOOKS like a planet that’s been cooked and depopulated more than the usual dust-and-leather crap.

DEAD PRESIDENTS is an overlooked masterpiece. You should see it.