Random Thoughts Halfway Through Watching TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN


This sure isn’t going the way I thought a TWIN PEAKS third season would go. So much of the first half of the series feels like set-up. Lynch said it was like one long movie, which makes sense. I just hope this isn’t weirdness for the sake of weirdness, and it all adds up. Some think that doesn’t happen in David Lynch movies, but it does.

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Everything in black and white in this series is awesome.

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It took me a long time to remember she was the girl in CALIFORNICATION. I like these scenes.

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The whole scene with the bomb, Bob’s face, and the golden orb and Laura’s face is pretty awesome.

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Laura Dern’s character is the first to really grab me. David Lynch is excellent, too. The scene where he takes a drag of her cigarette is off-handed and real.

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The CGI in this series is cheesy, like something from Video Toaster times. Even shots of television sets and computer screens look chintzy. What gives?

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Lt. Hawk is a great character who should have had more to do with Cooper in the original. Both of them have one foot in this world and one in the next.

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This was the first episode that feels like it’s got some forward motion towards something. The black and white world of the golden sphere is like an outtake from Lynch’s first couple of movies, or his installment in LUMIERE.


Lynch’s fantasy ideas need some grounding in reality, so they feel special. The first episodes of this include a lot of this grounding. I hope there’s enough of a payoff.

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It was good to see that the late Catherine Coulson got to film a couple of scenes. The Log Lady was such a wacko element of the original show.

This show marks the final appearance for a number of actors.

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I like Chrysta Bell’s music. She’s hot. She can act.

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The use of dissolves and time lapse is perfect Lynchian film technique, something old done in a new way. 95% of directors would’ve done a ‘time-lapse construction’ in this scene, but Lynch did something unique. It’s like the building exists as an idea, and then becomes more solid.


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I prefer scary Cooper to “Slowly recovering his memories” Cooper.

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The Dougie plotline, where we follow this incarnation of Cooper as he slowly gets his memory back, is tedious. I’m actually fast forwarding through it. At least that will give me something new to see in the re-watch, if you follow my logic.


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