Some Pictures


I’m sick. The flu used to be something you shrugged off in a day or two, but these new Russian bio-terror weapons-grade viruses are hitting your patriotic pal where it hurts. My throat is sore from all the coughing. Listen to that, you believe that shit?


I just thought this one looked more interesting upside-down, what with the cloud reflections. May be my intense fear of heights. Reflections look like the clouds are bleeding through.

blur street

I need to work with this one a little. This was taken on my way to work years ago. I think it reflects my joy in the work.



Yes, that job was a bit grim, wasn’t it?

wide street

I used to live in Boston’s North End. Probably couldn’t afford it now.

I apologize for the lame post, but I’m going to keep to this daily blogging even if there’s some filler. I’ll make it up to you, really.





  1. Flu? Stinks. Captain Trips? Let’s hope not. I believe that will probably be what wipes nearly all of us out. Really love the pics. I enjoy taking pics with my phone and then coming up with poems for them. Anyways, feel better.

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    • Thanks, buddy. It certainly feels worse than ordinary flu, which I’m sure is what everyone feels–“No, no, it’s not the flu, it’s SPECIAL flu, only SPECIAL people get this kind of flu.” “Well, I think you’re just feeling so bad that–” “IT’S SPECIAL FLU!!!!” (backing away) “Okay, okay…”

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