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I Just Don’t Care About…

…musical scores for thrillers with piano. I didn’t say I’d have an explanation.

…the Olympics, or Olympiads spending their time talking politics. Yes, they have the right, but when you spout an opinion it should be based on facts.

…football. I watch the Superbowl when the hometown team plays, get really worked up, and then don’t think about it again until the next time they play the Superbowl. Unfortunately for me that team is the Patriots.

…what J.J. Abrams thinks about people who like a stupid space movie. Eff him and his sneering dwarf mug.

…that stupid space movie. A series that has been running on fumes since I was 14 is still of interest to people my age. That’s embarrassing.

…Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and other popcorn movies I’m supposed to like to signal I’m one of The Good People.

(Not Good GUYS, of course.)

…awesome fight scenes. My measure for fight scenes is believability. NOT realism. The action scenes with the slo-mo 300 shit make me laugh. They show off the star’s ability to follow their instructors. They look like they’re dancing.

(The Wild Bunch, Heat, various others)

…”Awesome CGI!”

Can you tell I’m still sick, and am sick of being sick?

…horror that involves knives/blades. That’s not horror to me. It has no connection to supernatural horror, which is what horror used to be. The movie Dracula was advertised as a ‘thriller’ in 1931, and the horror label as a commercial category has gone through its ups and downs over the years. Now it seems to mean “blood flowing as the result of attack by sharp object.”

God damn I’m in a bad mood. I’m coughing like an asthmatic.

…action scenes backed with songs. Even old ones.

…who am I kidding? I don’t like current movies. With foreign films, seventies films, 40’s, experimental, weird little horror things, there’s enough to keep me going without selling bottles of fresh blood to see some comic book movie.

…adults who see comic book movies.

I have the flu. Pity me.

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