“New Grass” by Talk Talk


Talk Talk were just another one-almost-hit wonder in America in the eighties, their drum-machine-heavy cover “Talk Talk” not making much of an impression. They were just another British synth-pop trio, but MTV was putting on any video they could get their hands on.

They had the opposite of a sophomore slump with their second album, and their third moved them away from synth pop into their mature sound. THE COLOUR OF SPRING is a moody, contemplative album with a great single in the piano-driven “Life’s What You Make It.”

Their greatest artistic/critical success is SPIRIT OF EDEN. Here the lyrics are more overtly spiritual, the music more complex. The song “New Grass” was stuck in my head for months before I dared look up the lyrics and found out it’s some kind of Jesus song. It’s refreshingly rooted in something more substantial than the vast majority of pop and rock of its era.

But don’t let that scare you off.


“Lifted up
Reflective in returning love you sing
Errant days filled me
Fed me illusion’s gate in temperate stream
Welled up within me
A hunger uncurbed by nature’s calling
Seven sacraments to song
Versed in Christ
Should strength desert me
They’ll come, they come
They’ll come
They come…”



  1. I have heard this about their later stuff before. Always meant to check it out because I really dig the lead singer’s voice. I will definitely check it out, now. Forgive me, but It’s My Life is one of my favorites from the error. No Doubt it is much better than the tepid, uninspiring remake sung by Gwen Stefani.


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