I Am NOT Lazy, I’m Sick!

There’s something you should know about me, something I don’t often share. OK, I share it a lot, but I never had any reason to share it in the past: I’m all messed-up, healthwise. I used to be one of those annoying people who never had a doctor, and then BLAMMO! I hit my forties and everything fell apart. This includes some really weird stuff I’m not going to tell you about–I’m saving that for my book, PITY ME: COLLECTED WHINING.

Which brings us to this non-entry entry!

Drop by and check out my collection BLOODSTREAMS. These are short stories I’ve written and published in magazines and anthologies back in the day when I was young and dumb and full of anger, as opposed to now, when I’m old and dumb and full of regret. What’s interesting about these stories, to me, is how far I’ve come as a writer since penning them. I think some I actually TYPED, which shows you how ancient these are. And I am. Cough.

I’m coming out with expansions of some of these soon, so get ahead of the crowd. Pick this up, read, enjoy, and review. How many times do I have to tell you, if you review my stuff I’ll be your pal. OK, that’s creepy, I’m not into that whole “I know the writer on Facebook, thus we are friends” thing.

But help a flu-ridden dude out. Have I ever steered you wrong? Intentionally?