Zdzislaw Beksinski (1929-2005) was a Polish artist of dark, fantastic art. He’s perhaps the first fine artist of the macabre since Giger to be known to the public without being a cover artist.


A little Redon, a little Giger, he had his own style. His interest in death and horror makes him a favorite of those who love Giger, and makes his stuff perfect for the usual vehicles for current ‘dark’ artists–horror paperbacks and heavy metal album covers.


Wikipedia photo caption: “Beksiński as a young boy and a friend outside of a destroyed Soviet bunker playing with ordnance, summer 1941.” Yes, he’s the Polish Norman Rockwell.


Like every artist who’s worked this genre he did a riff on Bocklin’s ISLE OF THE DEAD.


If you don’t know his art, you should.

(This doesn’t count as a blog entry. Unless I get sicker.)