Signs You’re Probably Not a Writer

Running low on pertinent imagery

You desire validation from people you don’t know, but who you’ve imbued with the power to decide what it means to be a writer.

You spend more time reading How to Write/How to Make Money Writing articles and books than you do reading fiction and writing it.

You take advice from people whose only credit is that they’ve sold more copies than you, usually one copy is enough.

Remember, I don’t give writing advice. I’m not being snarky or funny.

You are willing to write a genre you have no interest in if it means making money. That doesn’t work.

There are exceptions to every rule. Except the one about me not giving writing advice, which I’m in no position to do.

You ask writers about agents and publishing ‘secrets,’ and not about quality, plotting, schedules, methods.

You care more about publishing, advertising and sales than you do writing the best fiction you’re capable of. I’m not talking about being ignorant of the business end, which you have to be concerned with and to which you must devote time, energy and effort. But unless you’re a pedant, you knew that already and don’t need every little thing explained to you.

You seek magic shortcuts to fame and fortune instead of setting up a daily writing schedule.

You need to be forced to stick to your writing routine.

You suffer from writer’s block. If you can’t write what you want to be working on, if the ideas aren’t flowing, work on something else until it does.

You are unwilling to write 1000 words of fiction every day.

You stop writing when you reach your daily minimum.

You don’t read books not being published on Amazon Kindle by people you owe a review.

You spend more than the bare minimum on social media.

You don’t like writing.