The Purge

Have gone through some things lately. I’ve written about this before, in the two “Reboot” pieces.

I’m rebooting starting now. Offline, getting some stuff done that needed doing.

Already I’ve put the Kindle books back up. Some short stories I need to finish and send out. Some real-life stuff of no interest to anyone but me.

Then, onto the real stuff…

I think this was where “Alicia” was first published

Writing is easier for some than others. Same with publishing. Some of us are big successes, some small successes. Others…

We have to keep asking ourselves, “Is it worth it? Can I do something else?”

And we have to keep answering.

Because one day the answer might not be what it was yesterday.

Too lazy to check which story was in this

It’s exciting to start out on something that will lead to things being different from what they are right now. I’ve already made some changes, just three days in.

“What the heck are you DOING? Stop babbling!”

I’m doing some work, putting things in order, so I can move forward with a pretty massive publishing venture.

Toys Left Behind...
Illo for my story “Toys Left Behind in an Abortionist’s Waiting Room”

I’ve left a bunch of stuff for you to read. Every day, there’s something I think you might enjoy, or my ramblings.

When I come back, I’ll have something to report. No matter what happens, as long as I’m capable, I’ll have done…something. This is a lot loopier than I’d planned on it being, but I’ve been up for hours and feel kinda trippy.

Have you ever attempted sleep deprivation? What about fasting? Both were recommended to me by someone years ago. Wish I stayed in contact.


I look forward to telling you what’s going on, after it’s gone on, and then tell you what the result was. But I’m purging a lot of stuff, mental, physical, emotional. It might end up way too personal to share. But it’ll be interesting, I think, to come back and report here after it’s all over.

See you then.


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