I liked RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, but happy memories don’t make it a classic. It’s actually kind of boring. Well-made, but boring.

I can’t handle Flat Earthers. I think they’re all kidding, but some of them seem to believe that stuff. I just walk away. What do you say to that?


Two Ray Bradbury novels no one seems to like. I love ’em. (Third in the series is awful.)

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Steven Spielberg and Stephen King have produced a couple of masterpieces each–more than most. But most of their stuff is crap. Some entertaining crap, but their worldviews are so narrow and blah. They have so little to say. And they keep saying it.

I will probably never see another superhero movie. They’re repetitive and dull for someone over 16.

Good, dark, weird movie you should see:


We should be more demanding of our entertainment. Just because someone LIKES TV and comic books doesn’t mean they SHOULDN’T give them up. It’s time to move on, grow, learn more. Sure those things are fun and comfortable, but don’t you want to, you know, GROW? Life is too short for adults to be into comic books and Star Trek.

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” – some guy in the bible

I love watching livecams at night. City streets, lights, hardly anyone around. Good way to come up with ideas for crime stories.

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None of this stuff applies to anyone but me–you know that. THIS I will predict about everyone: No one, on his or her death bed, will wish they spent more time watching TV, posting on Instagram, or reading comic books. They WILL wish they spent more time learning MORE and spending more time doing interesting things with people they loved.

I’m taking some time off from online. I have to come here to post this and send out stories, work on Amazon, etc. But it’s deadening. Social media brings out the worst in people. And it’s mostly a waste of time.

If I could get away with it, I’d use an electric typewriter and pay someone to do online stuff.

Most of the music I love now is melancholy.

I’m developing a taste for stories that take place in winter, including ‘cozy’ stories. Not a lot, have only read a couple. I may start writing my Christmas novel now.

Sigh…. OK, enough of this, what’s on TV?

I’m really lazy when it comes to getting on YouTube. I have the camera, I used to edit film and video, but I can’t settle on a format. Short daily vlogs, edited versions of these postings. (Which I’ll be gathering into collections for Kindle.) I want to create an online place where folks who like this stuff can hang around for a few minutes and find something to try that they might love.

I’m writing this in the middle of March. After tonight I hope to be offline for a month. Things to do.

When Harlan Ellison dies, all my youthful heroes will be gone. I kind of wish I’d never heard of him, though.

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Jesus, we need to end this on an up note.

Good film score for a bad film: