Coming soon: I will tell you which TV show has the most annoying laugh track on TV.

It’s kinda cute how people talk so much about white privilege, which they’d never be allowed to do if white dudes were trying to keep such privilege. Ditto folks who scream about fascism (or communism).

PONTYPOOL is one of those horror movies I was supposed to like because of what it wasn’t. It was okay, but ultimately comes off as pretentious. Good thing there’s a niche market for such movies.

I’m going to try to write a novel in three days. Will of course keep you posted as I write.

I’d write a vampire book, but I ain’t paying for a cover of a dude who needs a shave and has his shirt off.

I wanted to see what I was missing in crime novels, so looked at the opening pages of a few. Each of them opened with a shooting in progress. 5 out of 5.

Why can’t I get the GOOGLE browser to fit the page? Cuts off the first letter of ever line on the left.

Is it sick to stop taking medication because you want an excuse to visit your doctor?

Having trouble with a story? Remember the theme, and proceed with the intention of paying that off. I’m writing a story about a guy trying to get inside a building, but had no luck getting it GOING. So I asked, “What is this about?” I figured that out. The story is proceeding.

I don’t care if some dead person was a racist against people of my ethnic type. I like his stories. He’s dead. If I stop reading his stuff out of protest, he’s still dead.

I like feedback. Please feed back. Ask me a question, make a statement, mention something you think I’d enjoy. Just don’t yell at me, I’ve had a rough few weeks.

There are few things better than nighttime.

I’m hoping to have the revamped version of this up before you read this. Please check it out. If I note that it’s a revision, please consider buying it. If not, wait.