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BORDER INCIDENT has one of those scenes I point to when people talk about how all those Old Movies are so blah, they don’t have the exciting violence we love to see in these politically-correct times, when we all know how bad violence is and how it creates real pain–so we need to see more of it on the screen.

The U.S. and Mexico work to bust up an illegal immigrant smuggling ring. (Those were bad back then.) Working among farm workers, the American and Mexican agents see the horrors of use of illegal employees. At one point, two men watch a third crawling on the ground trying to escape from the villains, who slowly drive a harrow over him.

What’s most notable about the scene, aside from the horrible fate of the guy crawling in the dark, is that our heroes WATCH. They are powerless to do anything to stop it. It’s reminiscent of director Anthony Mann’s other film, T-MEN.

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Now no one talks about rich, Corinthian leather–just Shatner screaming…that Name.

Ricardo Montalban is remembered now mostly for T.V. and WRATH OF KHAN, but he did a number of B-flicks back in the day. MYSTERY STREET is the other noir he starred in; both are worth watching.

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John Alton’s cinematography is a fine example of his mastery of darkness. As some cinematographer said, it’s as much about what you don’t light as what you do.


A terrific flick on a subject the movies barely touch. The only other such movie I can think of is THE BORDER with Jack Nicholson.