Scattered Thoughts on BONE TOMAHAWK


This is deliberately paced, also known as slow. It seems like “slow” is a death sentence from some. It’s no more a slam than saying something is fast. Or it should be.

Kurt Russell is one of those actors I like in everything.  That doesn’t mean I like every movie he’s in–most notably THE THING. No, I don’t want to argue about it. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA is a lot of fun.

A revisionist/hardcore noir western, BONE TOMAHAWK is bloody and grueling.


The Native Americans are treated as Others with a vengeance. So to speak. A lot of effort goes into depicting the villains as not your typical Indian villains, but throwbacks out of a Lord Dunsany story. I buy it. Most people aren’t cannibals, so any cannibal is going to be an outlier.


I’m mentioning the pacing again because this is a good example of how a slow pave increases suspense. The heroes, led by Russell, are searching for someone. The longer they spend in this dangerous territory, the more evidence piles up that they are dealing with some very bad people.

Is this a horror movie? I think so, but these days so many horror movies are assembled from cliches and stuff you just HAVE to do according to some unwritten rules that a fresh approach is unusual.

It’s a horror western, with the emphasis on character. Who will survive this ordeal, and WHY?