Those Danged Real World Issues

I WILL get back to daily posting at some point, once those RWI’s are handled.

Until then, the only piece of writing non-advice I want to give is simply to read a lot and write every day. Simple, but too many people don’t follow it.

Some of the good stuff I’ve seen or read lately…



The Boston Strangler

Written on the Wind–Recommended primarily for Dorothy Malone’s performance, which comes across as the ultimate Oscar magnet.


The Shape of Things to Come – Greil Marcus (His “I’m fascinated by America even though it’s evil and everyone who ever lived here is sad” angle gets tedious, but the connections he sees linking movies and music to each other are often interesting.)

Shadows Over Baker Street – An anthology of mashups of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft. Worth it for Neil Gaiman’s contribution alone.

Swamp Thing, Volume One – The Alan Moore run. Comic books seemed to really come of age about a year after I gave them up.

One More for the Road – Ray Bradbury (His late-life collections blend stories from throughout his career, the ones from the 21st century being particularly autumnal.)

Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of Clark Ashton Smith – His stories are little tours of fantastic worlds.


Bing Satellites

Bohren & der Club of Gore

I’ll be back to daily posting ASAP.


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