Dog Days and Irishmen

I’m kind of spinning around these days, lacking focus, but I’ll get back to regular posting someday. This is just a way of touching base.

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I’ve been reading a steady diet of horror stories these days, while I shape up and send out horror submissions. All this horror is surprisingly invigorating–the best horror stories aren’t about pushing your face into the mud. The finest horror stories have a core of wonder about the unknown.


Still kinda bummed about Ellison. But when you get to be my age (old), you don’t have such tight connections to celebrities and other strangers as you do when you’re young.

But Harlan was a special case.

Crumbling vistas!

BLADE RUNNER 2049 was just as good the second time. I still think it’d be better if they cut out the virtual reality girlfriend, and the unnecessary cat-and-mouse crap before K and Dekkard talk. But they’re minor flaws in the best SF film in years.

ALIEN: COVENANT still sucks, though. The first ALIEN movie I didn’t watch more than once. (I don’t count those Predator abominations.)

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I blew up my computer. I dug out an old laptop to use, and blew that up, too.

Two computers in 24 hours.

I had to reformat this computer, and lose a whole month’s writing. I don’t wanna talk about this anymore, other than to say it’s forced me to pause and consider what I’m doing.


I just read this for the third time. I wish he’d write another book–his others are very good–but could such a book be written about the last decade’s movies?

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As Robert Silverberg says when asked for writing advice:

Read, read, read.

Write, write, write.